It seems I have always been on the hunt for the right handbag that was the perfect size & style for me. About a year ago I just all together stopped using handbags. I put my phone in my pocked, and keys in my hand, and I realised that was all I actually needed.

I was in Berlin in 2019 and saw a very simple phone case that had a single rope attached to it. Young trendy Europeans would fling it over their shoulders with such careless abandon (this might have been more a trait of the summer European than a phone case) but it really stood out to me. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted… but it planted a seed.

When I couldn’t find the ideal bag that I pictured in my head in any stores in Melbourne, and after I’d described and complained about it to my close friends, on the 10th or 11th time of them telling me to design it & get it made myself… that’s exactly what I did!

It’s been such a fun process seeing my vision come to life, I still use the first sample that I got.. it’s my handbag now, although it too small & the leather is really scratched, the straps don’t loosen enough, I just love it so much.

Showing this bag to my friends and family I realised it was something that maybe more than just I was looking for. So I now have a small batch made for anyone to enjoy this design!

- Ali