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Welcome to May Daze!

Hi! I'm Ali. This whole brand and bag started because I couldn't find the exact handbag I was after. For years I searched different stores, markets, online. I had a picture in my head of exactly what I wanted. It was small, simple, stylish & would fit only the essentials I needed.

I'm so excited I decided to bite the bullet and stop waiting around for my perfect bag to appear, instead - I made it appear! It's been really cool to see my design come to life, one of the first prototypes I got is still the bag I use today! It's rough and hasn't worn well, but it has so much accomplishment & love attached to it that I can't part with it.

So if you're here to find a bag, or even just to look around - thank you! It means the world to me that you're here.

Now I have my perfect bag, and I hope you've found yours too!

Simple & Practical